Across Both Ponds and Everything Inbetween

Tropical beaches, weddings, adventures in the woods and a trip to Munich. Other than that not much has been going on in the past few months!
In October, Bev and I went on a company sponsored trip to Hawaii.  We stayed on the island of Lana’i for a week.  Lana’i is a small island with a population of a few thousand.  We spent the week reading books on the deck of our hotel room and generally being lazy.  It was great!  I did sorta learn how to body surf.  I learned about sea water in my mouth and nose, crashing into the beach, and most importantly, I learned that when body surfing a feller can end up with enough sand in his swimming trunks to build a sand castle in his hotel room!
The day before Thanksgiving, my daughter, Cassandra was married to Peter.  I told Peter’s dad, the day they got engaged, I would consider the wedding a success as long as we didn’t need to summon law enforcement.  The wedding was a success.   Cassandra waited a long time to find a good man.  Her dear old dad kept telling her, “It takes a pretty good man to beat no man at all.”   
While I was at the wedding reception, I was reminded by my hunting buddy, Kelly, that I had an opportunity to go Elk hunting the first week in December.  Well, twist my arm why don’t ya?!?  He had a bull tag, for unit 8, in northern Arizona.  I went up for the first 3 days of the hunt.  We saw several elk, but Kelly didn’t get any shots off.   We did do quite a bit of hiking.  One morning, as we took off before dark, I remember thinking, “Cold, dark, steep, rocky and no trail,” it don’t get much better than this!   Kelly filled his tag a few days later.  I think Kelly would agree that the fun is over and the work starts once you get an animal of that size on the ground.
I had been telling Bev that I had a business trip to Munich, Germany, coming up in December, and she was welcome to come along if she wanted to.  Oddly enough, after I left her at home for four days, while I went hunting, she decided she wanted to go to Munich with me.  I told Kelly that my little hunting trip with him cost me a trip to Munich! 🙂  Bev enjoyed Munich, although the snow and cold did slow her down some.  Downtown Munich has several Christmas markets within walking distance of the hotel.  Snow, cold and Christmas shopping, yup, I think she enjoyed it.
Something very good will come from this… 

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