ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, with Magma Ranch Mustangs Ladies Softball Team

For the record, this was 40lbs. of ice, in three, five gallon buckets.

(None of this 2-year-old, sand lot bucket stuff, with three ice cubes floating in it.)

I watched the Jon Blais video, of him conquering the Hawaii Ironman, after he was diagnosed with ALS.  At the time, I was preparing for my 1400 mile journey, from Arizona to Montana, with my son, Kevin’s, ashes in my backpack.  I watched Jon’s video many times and it still gets me to this day.  If his video doesn’t motivate you to do something special, somebody needs to call 911…because you must not have a pulse!

I expect to hear back from Bill, Peter and Mike.

Hope you enjoy both videos!

Something very good will come from this…








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