Another One for the “Bucket List”

For all of you that have a “bucket list”, add hiking up to Angel’s Landing, in Zion National Park, to your list!
Bev and I really enjoyed it.

The trail started out easy enough as we wandered along a fairly flat, very nicely maintained, trail with the sounds of the Virgin River serenading us in the background. As we looked ahead, we wondered where the trail was going, all we could see were large cliffs that ended at the river. The trail started moving away from the river, with a few switchbacks and then up ahead we could see the trail cut into the side of a cliff!
The notes for this trail say that it is not for those that have a fear of heights—and I would agree.

We only went to what is called “Scouts Lookout,” but the view from there was, well, spectacular.
At Scouts Lookout there is a warning that the trail gets more dangerous and six people have fallen to their deaths between Scouts Lookout and Angel’s Landing since 2004. I wondered aloud if the sign had been put up in 2005!

We stayed up there for over an hour enjoying the view and chatting with hikers from all over the world.
Anyway, add it to your list and I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.

Something very good will come from this…

Kevin’s Last Walk

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