Great Advice for the Golf Course and Life

An old guy once told me, on the golf course, “Swing hard in case you hit it, Son.”  Great advice, on the golf course and in life. 
Thinking about doing something you always wanted to do, but didn’t have the time or maybe the courage to do it? 
I know, I know, it’s complicated.  It’s probably a huge risk, you are not exactly sure how you will make it happen. Maybe, you don’t think you have the money, support, or resources to make it happen. 
I had the same thoughts as I considered my journey, from Arizona to Montana, with Kevin’s ashes in my backpack.  I shared those thoughts with a guy, who responded with a line I have never forgotten, “How do you think you will feel about it, in 10 years, if you don’t do it?” 
I have said many times, “If an old, short, pudgy, hillbilly like me can make Kevin’s Last Walk happen, imagine what you can do!”  

Something very good will come from this…

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