A Hillbilly’s Guide to Trucks and Cell Phones

Okay, for all y’all hillbillies out there I have a news flash for y’all about yer cell phones. Ya, don’t got to hold that cell phone in yer hand or cradle it between yer shoulder and yer head when yer drivin’ yer truck. Besides it puts a krik in yer neck.
They got these new fangled things now. One of them is this here thing called a wyr’d headset. They got’m everywhere includ’n Walmart. Git yerself a set and then plug it into the round (not square, not triangular, not octagon but circly) hole in yer cell phone and magic’ly yule be able to here yer buddy and better yet, he can hear you-magic I tell ya!
If’n ya want to be a high falutin’ hillbilly you can get yerself one of these here things called Bluetooth headsets. It got it’s name from some king in Denmark-wherever the heck that is. The thing fits on yer ear and kinda makes you look like some dude from Star Trek, but hey, yer in yer truck and unless yer tryin’ to pick up chicks, who cares? Just don’t wear it out in publick cuz if you get cot you could get yer hillbilly card pulled.
Now if all this is to complikaited you can just have one of yer youngin’s show y’all how to turn on the speak’r on yer phone. This will work as long as ya don’t got a real nice exhaust system and yer wind’as still roll up.
Seriously dude, how hard can this be? Feel free to do that repost thing if you lik this



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