Places to Disconnect, Decompress and Recharge

Three days on the Yellowstone River, two days on the back side of Whistler Mountain and a float down the North Fork of the Flathead River, with family.

Not a half bad way to decompress!

Last winter a buddy of mine, from school, that lives in Columbus, Montana, stopped by to visit me.  He asked me how come I had never come up to his place and gone fly fishing with him.  “Well, because you never invited me.”  He denies not inviting me, but I think a feller would remember if he has been invited to go fly fishing on the Yellowstone.  We covered roughly 37 miles, in his raft, over three days.   I discovered fly fishing is just a smidge more complicated than throwing a worm on a hook and waiting for the bobber to drop!  My buddy caught lots of nice Rainbow and Brown trout, as for me, I will just say I enjoyed the trip and, oh, yeah, I lost a couple of big ones.

Whistler, British Columbia was, well, spectacular.  Bev and I took the chairlift to the top of Whistler Mountain where we had a nice view of the mountain range behind Whistler Mountain.  Several glaciers and what appeared to be untouched wilderness.  We sat and enjoyed the view for hours. Something about a spectacular view, from the top of a mountain, that makes me want to just sit and let it all go.

On the way back to the chairlift I saw a family sitting near one of the nice viewing areas.  The dad seemed to be staring at the ground.  I assumed he was just enjoying the quiet relaxing time.  One of the kids asked what Dad was doing and the other replied, “He’s doing email, as usual.”

Being “connected” is important, but spending some time with no cell phone, Ipad or laptop is just as important.  It allows us to recharge.

Bev and I then made our way back to Montana for a little impromptu, surprise birthday party for my Uncle R.T., who is turning 80 this year.  We enjoyed a nice party and the next day several of us floated the North Fork of the Flathead River.  Several water fights, a picnic and black bear in the river later, we took three rafts and two pontoon boats, out of the river, at Glacier Rim.

Something very good will come from this…


Made a short slideshow of all the events, click on the link below to view some spectacular pictures!

Disconnect, Decompress and Recharge-Large

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