Students, Parents, and Souvenirs

Students, Parents, and Souvenirs

by Barry Adkins on October 10, 2011

I spoke at Seton Catholic High School last week. The students were great! Lot’s of questions and good discussion. The student’s gave me a standing ovation. I’m thinkin’ they got the message.

Parent meeting was the same night. Great turnout approximately 300 parents showed up and again, good questions and lot’s of discussion. Several of the parent’s told me afterward, that their student’s came home and told them they, “Had to go listen to this guy’s story.”

As I told the students and the parents, “I do this stuff because I care.”

Well, there is one more reason why I do this stuff, I have a backpack full of souvenirs from all the schools I have been to.
Now, I have a red sweatshirt from Seton High School!

It don’t get any better than this boys and girls!

Something very good will come from this…

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