Who Is This Man, Part II

Who Is This Man, Part II

by Barry Adkins on January 24, 2012

This past Christmas Eve, I baked cookies, in the morning, and worked on restoring my grandfather’s 1957, Chevrolet pickup, in the afternoon. It is so very important to step out of your “comfort zone.” I think everyone should take on challenges where they have no clue what they are doing–that’s real learning for me!

I would rather sit quietly, on my patio, sipping a cup of coffee, than go to a crowded coffee shop. If my wife, Bev, doesn’t want to cook, (I’m spoiled, I don’t know how to), we order take-out and eat at home, where I can hear what she is saying.

My favorite part of any day is early in the morning, when all is still quiet, listening to classical music and drinking a cup of coffee.

I have an IPHONE, Ipad, IPOD and laptop, (No, I don’t listen to music or watch movies on any of them), I am subscribed to Facebook and LinkedIn, but love to go places without any connection. After a few days in a wilderness area, with just a campfire and a book, I realize how distracting all of the above are.

I listen to classical, country, old rock and roll and almost anything acoustic. The only songs I can’t listen to any more are Boston’s, “More Than a Feeling,” and Eddie Rabbit’s, “I Love a Rainy Night.” My friends played the Boston song way too many times and Eddie Rabbit played his song four times, at a concert I went to, which was three times too many for me! I have never recovered from it.

I do seminars, for work, and speak to large crowds about what happened to my son, Kevin, but prefer to sit, in the back, and listen to someone else talk.
I love to meet people, from other countries, and listen to them talk about their lives and how they came to America. I once talked to a cab driver from Pakistan. I asked him why he came to America. He stared in the mirror, in disbelief, “America is like a drug for us, once we get here, we never want to leave!”

Stay tuned for the next installment of, “Who Is This Man?” (Yup, there’s more!)

Something very good will come from this…

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