Who Is This Man? Part III

by Barry Adkins on February 29, 2012

Hard to believe a hillbilly like me can have more thoughts, but here goes…

I am a devout Christian, but enjoy listening to others talk about their faith, customs and traditions. I simply don’t understand why wars are fought and people are killed, all in the name of God. I don’t think this is what Jesus would have wanted.

If we were to all sit down and list the human characteristics that our faiths tell us are important, I believe we would find that we all agree on 99% plus. Yet we tend to focus on the 1% that we disagree on. Admittedly, an important 1%, but not worthy of killing someone over it, if they don’t agree with you. Fighting because you have always fought is no excuse. Why not raise your children to be the first generation that hasn’t fought in hundreds, if not thousands of years. Now there is a legacy.

I once heard a preacher tell a story about how a leader, from another church, came to his church office to discuss a community project that they wanted to collaborate on. This preacher said that he couldn’t work with them because he knew they were going to hell. I wonder if he used his “Holy voice” when he said it. I’m no expert, but I don’t think this is what the Bible tells us to do. In fact, he was teaching on how the Lord led by example and would place Himself on the same level as others. Apparently this minister hadn’t listened to his own sermon.

I have been a faithful runner most of my adult life. Not a good runner, not even fair, just a guy that puts in his miles each week. I don’t make up excuses why I can’t go for a run. Excuses such as too hot, too cold, too tired, too late, too early, favorite show coming on, blah, blah, blah. Suck it up buttercup!
I find running requires very little discipline. I am always impressed by those that can get on a treadmill at home or go to the gym faithfully. When I get on a treadmill, it takes me about 30 seconds to start thinking of reasons why I should stop. When I go for a run and I am 2 miles from the house, well, I only have one way to get back, (unless I have cab money, which has crossed my mind a few times), and that is to run back.
Running is also very thought cleansing for me; when I am out for a run, on a nice Phoenix afternoon, there is only one thing on my mind when I get to the turnaround point, (besides why did I start out in the first place), and that is just to get home!
I don’t listen to music while I run as Bev rides her bike with me and carries the conversation.

Make sure you pause to enjoy one sunrise or sunset this week. Doctors orders!

Stay tuned for more “Who Is This Man?”

Something very good will come from this…

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