Inspirational Speaker

Barry takes audiences on an epic 1400 mile journey with his son’s ashes in his backpack

Heartfelt Delivery

Barry shares his story for one reason; because he cares about youth and their decisions

Moving Message

When Barry shares Kevin's story you can hear a pin drop in an auditorium filled with students.

Compassionate Parent

Barry’s passion is to motivate parents to not let what happened to his son happen to any of their children

Purchase Kevins Last Walk The Book

Inspiration meets adventure in Barry’s book that chronicles the tragic death of his teenage son, Kevin, due to alcohol poisoning and his epic 1,400-mile journey from Arizona to Montana with Kevin’s ashes in his backpack. You can purchase the book directly from this website or from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Ibooks.

Barry in Action

Barry's Message is Great For:

  • Students and School Programs

    Barry's powerful presentation has inspired thousands of students to change their behavior, including saving the life of a fellow student
  • Parent and Community Programs

    Barry's powerful message of how he turned the loss of a child into something very good will inspire audiences to channel their grief into something positive
  • Conferences and Keynotes

    Our lives are defined by how we respond to adversity. Barry's message teaches audiences that adversity is often an opportunity for growth.


  • I just finished reading your book. When I bought it I wasn’t sure if it would be one of those books you buy and mean to read, but never do, or if I actually would read it. I started it last Thursday, and I honestly found it very compelling and easy to read. Good job and amazing story. I found it to be very “real”, obviously written from the heart.
  • A truly inspiring story that is full of only real, touching moments. As a rising senior in college, I have learned a lot from reading this book. While at a young age there are times I feel “invincible”, Kevin and Barry’s story taught me how precious life is and how to live it to the fullest.
    C. Mickler
  • “I stayed up until 1:00 a.m. laughing and crying as I read Barry’s book”
    Crystal B
  • A tragic and inspiring story “That something very good will come from this” to all that read this book. To any parent that wants to reach out to their teenager and a lesson every teenager should know about. By the end, I promise you both a different look on life.
    John M