I Think I Should Go Fishing More Often…

 Summer 2013 007

Received this contact form today and thought we would share.

One day, God sent a man, (Barry), to fly fish on the Yellowstone River.   In the man’s absence his brother wanted to borrow the man’s truck.  

Since the brother would be unable to return it in time for the man to move his son, Adrian,  it was up to the brother to do the move.  The move was a success and Adrian was set to sleep in his new place with no worries.   

However, upon moving Adrian, the man’s brother was left with a washing machine to take home. The washing machine spent days in front of the brother’s house and his wife was not a happy, happy, happy woman. 

Since the brother manages a condo, for an African missionary, he took the washing machine and exchanged it with an older one, at her condo, thus upgrading the amenities of her rental while she is away doing missionary work.

This however, placed the brother in an even bigger quandary, as to what to do with an older, outdated washing machine.  His wife had already made it quite clear that it was not to go in front of the house. 

After driving around a few days, with the washing machine in the back of his truck, a solution was presented……His wife found an older gentleman, in Phoenix, who had been doing his laundry out of a bucket, for months, because he could not afford to replace his broken washing machine.  Address was provided and washing machine was delivered and set up.   

Something good came to this man all because another man went fly fishing on the Yellowstone – God does work in mysterious ways! 



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