Date:January 03, 2012

Parent / Community Programs


My name is Barry Adkins. On July 10th, 2005 my 18-year-old son, Kevin, passed away due to alcohol poisoning.

My life changed forever on that day.

When Kevin passed away, part of me wanted to just “sweep this under the rug,” but I thought, what would I hope someone else would do if it happened to their kid? The answer was clear. I was going to tell everyone I could about what happened to Kevin in the hope that others could learn from what happened to us. I am often told that I must continue to do this because it is a story that must be told.

At Kevin’s memorial I told everyone that something very good will come from this. I have shared our story with over 50,000 teens and adults.

In an effort to raise awareness, I walked from Arizona to Montana, carrying my son’s ashes and told our story 50 times in a 4-month period.

Frequently Asked Questions about my presentation

    1. What do you talk about in your presentation?

My presentation is very simple. I tell the story about what happened to Kevin and our family in a way that connects with audiences of all ages.  I have had people come up to me and tell me they remember my presentation from years before.

    1. How long is your presentation?

Typically 35-45 minutes, but I can adjust to the needs of the audience.

    1. What audio/video/setup requirements do you require?

A computer and projector that has the ability to display a .jpg file, play an audio file (.mp3) and play a DVD. It’s also helpful to have a hands-free wireless microphone and a podium to put my notes on. None of the above are hard and fast requirements.

    1. What size audiences do you prefer?

I prefer the larger audiences as this allows me to get the message out to as many students as possible. I am often warned by principals that large groups of students can be noisy. These same principals often tell  me afterward that their students were the quietest they have ever been. It is an emotional story that connects with all ages.

    1. How do we contact you?

Use the Contact form on this site.

    1. Can you provide references?

References available upon request.

    1. Do you have any feedback letters that you can share with us?

I thought you would never ask.